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FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 13th November

For lots of people life is grey or drab just now, for others it is incredibly tough as they deal with big things in their lives without support of family or friends...

On a more positive note - we are very privileged in the Centre to see how people are supporting neighbours or people they have, up until now, barely known - bringing them for a coffee or lunch, helping out in the cafe, showing someone how to find the community larder, phoning an older isolated person...and much much more.

Thank you for all your support and for being a great community.

Weekly update 13th November 20

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 6th November

We do church services differently these days...

Sundays at 9.45am and 11am Catch Up Sunday - half an hour with reflection and prayers with kids activity pack for children. Cafe Connect is open after each half hour slot.

Book in through Eventbrite before 12 noon on Fridays:

Catch-Up Sunday service

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 25th September

Despite some of the backward steps with the pandemic there has been some good stuff happening here this week:

Good to see loads of folk popping into the cafe and enjoying new Cafe Connect options.
Good to see regulars and newbies working hard at classes.
Good to see support group folk in for lunch or coffee.
Good to see folk we deliver to for doorstep chats.

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekly update 25th September 20

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 11th September

We continue to appreciate seeing folk in the café who are venturing out for the first time. It is good that they feel safe here and have the chance for company.

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers - Café Connect can provide you with a coffee (and cake!) outdoors in the playpark area (note - closed on Mondays from 3pm and on Wednesday afternoons) or you can use tables at the front of the building and we'll put out toys to the side where the garden is.

Outdoor play area

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