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Below are updates of what is being done from the Madoch Centre - also click here to see the Centre`s Facebook page

FRIDAY UPDATE: 26th June 20

Hello TMC Followers,


Whew, we made our 2,000th delivery this week!

We are so grateful to you all for your contribution over 14 weeks of lockdown - for working so hard at staying at home, helping your children learn, caring for relatives and neighbours.

We are grateful to our volunteers - who have donated, tidied, driven, delivered and picked up.

PREVIEW FOR JULY: (subject to Government confirmation of Phase 3):

Week beginning 6th July staff at TMC are taking a break, but we will keep essential services such as the community larder going.

From week of 13th we will have TMC outdoors:

- outdoor café Monday to Friday - hours to be confirmed
- outdoor fitness classes - small groups, how you book will be confirmed when further Scottish Government guidelines are released
- outdoor activities for children that encourage physical distancing - for example, treasure hunts, bubble machine, cycle track etc.

Deliveries and outreach will continue in July.

The Madoch Centre minibus

FRIDAY UPDATE: 19th June 20

Thank you all for your continued support and contact.

We continue to keep in touch with lots of folk through deliveries of soup, bread, family meals, prescriptions and groceries. People are amazing as they do their best to deal with some trying circumstances.
The community larder is well stocked so please encourage folk to pop along between shops or if they are short of things.



We intend to continue food deliveries across this year - just reduce gradually - to manage continued outreach we are taking on two volunteer interns who will help use electric bikes for deliveries - they will also gain experience in community or sports alongside outreach duties.


We will continue to provide a sharing larder for our community - again we will reduce this gradually - perhaps it should be a permanent feature?


We will continue to try to support other folk in individual ways until we are allowed small group work. We are planning a local counselling service and aiming to have this in place late summer/early autumn.


Some fitness sessions will continue online and you can access your favourites through the Madoch Centre YouTube channel (click/tap here).
And in the interim Jenny is doing some outdoor fitness sessions for two households at a time; it won't be too long until group sessions will be possible


Café Connect support all our COVID response activities. In addition, at the moment can do take away of soup, coffee and cakes. Hopefully, outdoor café space is not too distant either.

Have a good weekend - love, thoughts and prayers to you all.

12th June 20


Hello TMC followers - we miss you all but are continuing to reach out as we can...



It is carer's week - we are very aware how difficult the last 12 weeks have been for carers in our community - we miss our folk from Madoch Meet Up but love dropping by on a Thursday with some lunch.


These continue apace - thank you to the wee band of volunteers who have helped - bread, meals, cakes, prescriptions, groceries - now made over 1,600 deliveries.


This is being used increasingly by local folk (pop in for items between shops) and for those in wider Carse who are in need. Thanks to PKC for their help and for folk locally donating - at the moment: juice, biscuits, ready meals, snacks, fruit and veg would be great.


20 befriending pairs, 8 paired readers, mobile phones, Whats App support groups and tablets are all helping folk keep in touch.


Excited that small outdoor classes are on the horizon. Delighted that folk continue to do 'home exercise' sessions - let us know how you are getting on. Jenny has done a few PT sessions this week as prep for small groups.


- small group outdoor classes when advised we can do this.
- continuing deliveries - we intend to continue an outreach service beyond lockdown.
- outdoor Cafe Connect when Gov't guidelines allow.
- taking on some interns to help with outreach and Centre programme.

Please take care - you are all amazing and playing your part whether it is caring for kids at home, being a keyworker or looking out for neighbours.

5th June 20


This is national volunteer week and we are missing many of our regular volunteers: young and not so young...
At the moment we use a smaller number of volunteers to minimise infection risk - while smaller in numbers they are impacting positively on our COVID response efforts.

Volunteers are:

  • driving to help with delivery of soup, family meals, groceries, cakes, bread and prescriptions - we have done a whopping 1500+ deliveries so far.

  • befriending some of our older folk and checking in by phoning them regularly.

  • donating groceries that keep our community larder well-stocked.
  • tutoring through remote paired reading.

  • fixing up bikes for keyworkers.

  • arranging for our young people to meet up via Zoom.

  • looking out for others in their community


29th May 20


COVID deliveries, classes, larder, connecting and projects have continued apace.

What folk have said to us...just a few quotes:

"Thank you so much for the delicious tea - it was eaten at record breaking speed."

"Mary really makes me feel I can do my reading...she helps my confidence."

"Thank you for the soup and cake deliveries... it is so hard not to be able to visit my mum in St Madoes at this time. It is so reassuring that there are kind folk about in her local community."

"Your classes help put some feel good factor into the week and it is very much appreciated."

"I have made a good friend through the calls - can't wait to meet her."


Enjoy the sunshine - thank you as always for all your support, messages and help.

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