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Madoch Centre

After 218 years of worship in the parish church we have moved to our new Madoch Centre.

Click on the Madoch Centre link in the menu bar, above, for details.

See the map, below, for where we are.

The old Church

Built 1799 on the site of earlier churches and refurbished in 1923, it is a T-plan church with a Laird's Gallery. A new vestry and entrance hall, designed by David Murdoch of Methven, were added in 1996.

N.B. Please note that the church building is now a private property.


The Church has an interesting historic graveyard with 18th-century gravestones of sculptural merit. The Pictish St. Madoes Stone, that once stood outside the church, is now on display in Perth Museum and Art Gallery. There are several contemporary embroidered pulpit falls.


The churchyard is home to a number of beautifully carved and fascinating old gravestones, some still in remarkably good condition. Especially nice are the farmer's grave with the depiction of a plough and what seems to be a carter's gravestone complete with a carving of a figure driving a horse and cart: though confusingly this also carries carvings of farming implements including a plough and a pitchfork.

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