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FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 25th September

Despite some of the backward steps with the pandemic there has been some good stuff happening here this week:

Good to see loads of folk popping into the cafe and enjoying new Cafe Connect options.
Good to see regulars and newbies working hard at classes.
Good to see support group folk in for lunch or coffee.
Good to see folk we deliver to for doorstep chats.

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekly update 25th September 20

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 11th September

We continue to appreciate seeing folk in the café who are venturing out for the first time. It is good that they feel safe here and have the chance for company.

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers - Café Connect can provide you with a coffee (and cake!) outdoors in the playpark area (note - closed on Mondays from 3pm and on Wednesday afternoons) or you can use tables at the front of the building and we'll put out toys to the side where the garden is.

Outdoor play area

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 4th September

It has been lovely this week to be see more folk exercise classes outdoors, in the café, at folks doorsteps as we deliver lunch, transporting to appointments, on cycle rides, for lunch, getting their bikes fixed, playing sport outside...

We have a busy weekend ahead with a Cycle Leader course on Saturday and our first week of 'Catch Up Sunday'

Enjoy your weekend and thank you for all your support.

Outdoor exercise and indoor café

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 28th August

Despite the bad weather we have still enjoyed seeing a few more people this week. We are getting used to mask wearing, signing in and just happy to see folks.

We are looking forward to next week with better weather: indoor (limited table space) & outdoor café, outdoor exercise for returners or regulars, deliveries, community transport, community larder and launching our counselling service.

28th August 2020 update

FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 21st August

Friday again in what is a rapidly changing world - we have continued to enjoy welcoming back new and familiar faces to outdoor TMC.

Community: we have seen some more of our support groups return this week with Alongside (bereavement support), A Walk in Mind (mental health matters) and Madoch Meet Up (people with memory problems and their friends and relatives) - these will continue with smaller groups and outdoors while the weather allows. Deliveries continue to those who are still at home for various reasons.


Sport: new this week - return of seated exercise in small groups outdoors, teen session - good to see younger teens running off some energy. Continued our small group fitness sessions and looking forward to being able to grow these.


Café Connect continues to be open 10.30 to 3.30pm Monday to Friday for cafe outdoors and take away.

Gazebo at the Madoch Centre


FRIDAY ROUND-UP: 14th August


Lovely to finish up our week with the wedding of 'Lockdown Lovebirds' this afternoon - congratulations to Jim and Ann Balneaves - our first wedding in the Centre - fitting since they met while volunteering in the Centre.

We are continuing with: small group exercise, two or three folk at a time from support groups (in our 'outdoor room') and deliveries of soup, bread, prescriptions and groceries. Food larder is open 9.30 to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.


We've enjoyed this week re-connecting with folks in Café Connect which will continue mainly outdoors while our Scottish weather allows.


We are looking forward to further small group exercise sessions, small group outdoor sessions of support groups and we will launch our 1:1 counselling service soon too.


Continue to keep in touch.

Jim & Ann Balneaves

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Outdoor exercise and indoor café